Adhesive Applications


We provide adhesive tape to the electronics industry for a variety of devices, including automotive, medical devices, appliances, smartphones, computers, tablets, monitors, displays, cameras, TVs, and more.

Electronic Tape Solutions

Our tapes can protect devices from issues ranging from overheating, gasketing, static, friction, and EMI/RFI. They are also ideal for ESD pads and flexible circuit splicing due to their conformable, conductive, and unsupported structure.

Adhesive Applications’ offers a variety of tape constructions for device assembly. This includes a selection of adhesives engineered for the substrates used in the industry, such as aluminum, glass, low surface energy (LSE) plastics, and more. Our tapes can also be customized to match the manufacturer’s needs.

Z-axis conductivity; Volume Resistance < 6 Ω cm; Resistivity < 5 m Ω

Common Applications and Examples

EMI/RFI applications, ESD pads, and
Flexible Circuits

Conductive Adhesives

Plating Tapes and
Fume Masks

Plating Tapes

Electronic Packaging

Transfer Adhesive Tapes

Electronic Over Laminating

High-Temperature Masking Film Tapes