Adhesive Applications


Adhesive Applications manufactures a variety of medical-grade film and foam adhesive solutions. Our extensive product line is used for surgical drapes, medical devices, bandages, dressings, microfluidics, diagnostics, and more!

Medical Tape Solutions

With our technical knowledge and expertise in the medical industry, Adhesive Applications supplies medical grade products that meet the needs of our customers. Choose from an assortment of styles and sizes to provide securement for your patients’ varied needs without jeopardizing their safety.

We understand that adhesive performance can be critical in the success of medical applications. That’s why several of our adhesives have passed rigorous ISO 10993 biocompatibility that covers all testing, including cytotoxicity, skin sensitization, and skin irritation.

Features of our Medical Adhesive Tapes:

  • Direct skin adhesives for wound care applications and medical devices
  • Precision coatings and films for diagnostic devices
  • Moisture and stress resistant properties
  • Silicone adhesives for easy removability
  • Medical device assembly
  • Highly conformable to a variety of skin contact applications
  • Hypoallergenic and latex-free

Common Applications and Examples


These adhesives can be used for laminating non-wovens, paper, PET, silicone-coated carriers, and many other substrates for skin contact.

Short Term – light adhesion to skin up to 20 mins

Medium Term – adhesion to skin can last up to 5 hours

Long Term – aggressive adhesion to skin can last up to 24+ hours

Medical Construction & 

Attachable Adhesives

Microfluidics –  used for dividing fluids in testing equipment.

Wound-Care Device Construction

Surgical Curtains – curtains or drapes used in a surgical setting

Medical Labels

Medical Device Construction

Diagnostic Devices – Silicone is inert