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R107P – Clear Self-Wound Rubber Adhesive Tape

R107P is a single-coated, self-wound transparent polypropylene (PP) film coated with a thin layer of a clear rubber adhesive. Despite the low adhesive thickness, the product bonds well to many surfaces and maintains adhesion at low temperatures. The conformable polypropylene backing is release coated for easy unwind.

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  • Excellent confomability
  • Thin film and adhesive for low profile applications
  • Maintains adhesion at low temperatures
  • Strong adhesion to many substrates, including low surface energy materials


Maximum Service Temperature

180°F (82°C)

Minimum Service Temperature

-40°F (-40°C)

Peel Adhesion

54 oz/in (17.78 N/25mm)

Product Thickness (Total)

1.70 mils (0.043 mm)

Shear Adhesion

168 hrs @ 2.2 psi (168 hrs @ 15.2 kPa)


20 oz (567 g)


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