Adhesive Applications

Tape with the UL Stamp: Harnessing Trust and Performance in Applications

UL Listed tapes are adhesive tapes that have been tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an independent safety consulting and certification company. UL is known for its rigorous testing and evaluation of products to ensure they meet specific safety standards.

When a tape is UL Listed, it means that it has undergone testing and has been found to comply with UL’s safety requirements for its designated application. The UL certification indicates that the tape has met certain performance criteria, including flammability, electrical insulation, temperature resistance, and other relevant factors.

UL Listed tapes are commonly used in a variety of industries where safety and compliance are critical, such as electrical and electronics manufacturing, construction, automotive, and aerospace. These tapes may be used for applications such as electrical insulation, wire harnessing, sealing, bonding, and marking.

UL Testing
It’s important to note that UL Listed tapes are specifically tested and certified for their intended applications. Different types of UL Listed tapes exist to address various requirements, such as UL Listed electrical tapes, UL Listed sealing tapes, and so on. When selecting a tape for a specific application, it’s essential to ensure that it is UL Listed and approved for that particular purpose to maintain safety and compliance standards.

UL-listed PE foam tapes find applications in various industries due to their excellent properties and adherence to safety standards. These tapes are widely used in the automotive, construction, electronics, packaging, and medical industries, among others.

Adhesive Applications carries four variations of PE foam tapes (1232, 2232B, 3232, and 4232B,) and two variations of acrylic-based adhesive transfer tapes (A140).  The PE foam tapes we manufacture can be supplied in white or black colors with a rubber or acrylic adhesive and with a paper or poly liner. The acrylic transfer tapes can be supplied in 2 and 4 mils thicknesses. These products have been tested and adhere to the UL 746C specification, which is an umbrella standard for 27 common UL specifications.


Industries that use UL Listed PE Foam Tape
In the automotive industry, UL-listed PE foam tapes are used for numerous applications. They play a crucial role in providing vibration dampening and noise reduction in vehicles. These tapes are employed in attaching various components, such as nameplates, trims, emblems, and mirror mounts. The automotive industry also utilizes them for gasketing and sealing applications, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of vehicle assemblies.

The construction industry uses UL-listed PE foam tapes extensively for bonding, sealing, and mounting applications. They offer excellent adhesion to a wide range of surfaces, including metal, glass, plastic, and painted surfaces. These tapes are commonly used in the installation of windows, doors, and curtain walls, providing thermal and acoustic insulation. They are also used for mounting signage, bonding architectural panels, and securing building components.

The electronics industry is the biggest user of UL-listed PE foam tapes. These tapes provide secure bonding and cushioning in electronic devices, preventing component movement and reducing the risk of damage due to vibration or impact. They are used for mounting circuit boards, displays, and control panels in electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and home appliances. The tapes also offer excellent electrical insulation properties, ensuring the safe and reliable operation of electronic components.

In the packaging industry, UL-listed PE foam tapes are utilized for sealing and cushioning applications. They are commonly used for sealing packages, ensuring protection against moisture, dust, and other contaminants. These tapes also provide cushioning and shock absorption during transportation, safeguarding fragile items from damage. The packaging industry also utilizes them for mounting labels, securing displays, and creating removable closures in packaging solutions.

The medical industry benefits from UL-listed PE foam tapes in various ways. These tapes are employed for securing and attaching medical devices, such as electrodes, sensors, and wound dressings, ensuring optimal adhesion and patient comfort. They are also used for cushioning and padding in orthopedic devices and prosthetics. The tapes are often designed to be hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin, meeting the stringent requirements of the medical field.

Furthermore, UL-listed PE foam tapes find applications in the aerospace industry. They are used for bonding and sealing aircraft interiors, including panels, trims, and fixtures. These tapes provide vibration dampening, insulation, and fire resistance, adhering to the stringent safety regulations of the aerospace sector. They also offer weight-saving advantages, contributing to fuel efficiency and overall aircraft performance.

Other industries, such as the appliance industry, sports and leisure industry, and general manufacturing industry, also utilize UL-listed PE foam tapes for various applications. These tapes are employed for bonding, mounting, sealing, cushioning, and insulation purposes, ensuring reliable and efficient performance across a wide range of products and applications.

In summary, UL-listed PE foam tapes find extensive applications in industries such as automotive, construction, electronics, packaging, medical, aerospace, appliances, sports and leisure, and general manufacturing. These tapes provide excellent bonding, sealing, cushioning, and insulation properties, meeting safety standards and contributing to the performance, durability, and reliability of diverse products and assemblies.