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What Are Toll Coating Services, and How Can They Help?

For engineers, scientists, product developers, purchasers, and researchers the process of finding a reliable partner for toll coating services can be a daunting task. However, toll coating offers unique solutions that can help streamline the production process and save time. Read on to learn more about what toll coating services are, what Adhesive Applications offers, and how this can benefit your business.

What Is Toll Coating?   
Toll coating is a service offered by companies that already have equipment and know-how for applying coatings to products or components. This type of service allows customers to send their materials to the tolling partner for coating without having to purchase or maintain their own equipment. This can help to bring a unique technology to market, add a capability without the investment time and cost, or to alleviate an over capacity situation.

The Benefits of Toll Coating Services  
The main advantages of using toll coating services are cost saving, add on capacity, and access to outsourced expertise and R&D. By outsourcing manufacturing customers avoid the expense of purchasing equipment as well as hiring staff with expertise in this area. Additionally, the use of toll coating services can reduce production times because it eliminates delays associated with equipment setup or troubleshooting. And finally, because these companies specialize in this type of work, they often have access to more advanced technologies than what may be available in house.    

Toll Coating Services for Unique Solutions   
Toll coating services also provide an opportunity for customers to find unique solutions for their specific needs. The companies offering toll coating typically have experience working with various materials and processes and can provide customized options that may not be available through traditional manufacturing methods. As a result, customers can find solutions that meet their exact specifications while still being cost-effective and efficient.  

Coating Capabilities Summary
In addition to their own product line, Adhesive Applications offers its expertise for toll coating services. Adhesive Apps integrates process monitoring and in-line quality mechanisms to ensure product consistency and performance. Table 1 summarizes the capabilities of Adhesive Apps’ coaters.

Table 1: Adhesive Applications’ Coating Capabilities

Beyond Equipment and Technology
Any PSA tape company can offer coating services, but manufacturing processes and capabilities are effectively only half of the puzzle to sustain innovation. Coating expertise and extensive multiple-industry knowledge are also critical. The team at Adhesive Applications has, on average, 20 years of industry experience. The team and the technology base enable Adhesive Applications to deliver custom toll-coated solutions. Outsourcing toll coating services offer businesses an efficient way to produce complex constructions quickly while avoiding costly investments in new equipment or staff training. With access to specialized expertise and unique solutions tailored specifically for individual needs, customers can take advantage of this service to save time and money while ensuring quality results every time. If you’re looking for a reliable partner for your next project involving coatings visit our website or reach out to Adhesive Applications at or call (413) 527-7120.